1949 Vincent Black Shadow (Series C), 1000cc.

The Black Shadow was produced by the Vincent motorcycle company in a response to a demand for a more sporting offering than it's Rapide model.  Factory tester and racer George Brown, together with brother Cliff and designer Phil Irving developed an early Rapide model machine known as "Gunga Din", carrying out relatively minor modifications.  Enlarged the ports, fitted bigger carburettors and increased the engine compression until the test model, developed 55 bhp. This machine created the basis for the Black Shadow. The Black Shadow soon proved very popular and production outpaced the Rapide.

In an unusual layout to the conventional cradle frame convention of the time the Black Shadow's engine was suspended from above. The engine effectivally became a stressed member which effectively provided a mounting armature for the rest of the cycle parts.

The Black Shadow featured many ground breaking technological innovations, such as: an original alternative to the primitive telescopic front forks of the day, a sprung rear sub-frame, extensive use of aluminium alloy, as well as the  unit construction stressed engine. Overall weight was a relatively light 458 lb.

While other contemporary motorcycles tended to be polished and chromed, the "Black Shadow" was unusual in being predominantly black. The black enamel crankcase was effective both for marketing and heat dissipation.  Fewer than 1,700 Vincent Black Shadows were made.

Measuring approx. 280mm x 260mm x 220mm (11" x 10" x 8.5"). This model is not built up from a commercially available kit but has been constructed completely from scratch. High polymer castings, cast from patterns drawn and created from originally factory parts, have been lovingly hand finished and carefully constructed into this outstanding model. Accurate down to the smallest detail, check out the carburettor. Model comes complete with mounting boss and wooden plinth.

Can also be supplied in Rapide Spec.
£795.00 + P&P
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