1963 Matchless G50 500cc.

Taking its origins from the 350cc 7r racing engine produced by the AMC owned sister company AJS; the 500cc Matchless G50 was launched in 1958 as an alternative to the mighty Manx Norton. Only 180 machines were officially produced over the subsequent 4 years of production at the Plumstead factory. Whilst not as powerful as the DOHC Manx Norton, it was a lighter bike with superior handling and was recognised as being a faster cornering machine. Its simpler construction ensured it was a favourite with privateers and semi-professional stables such as the Tom Arter racing concern.
Financial problems for the AMC concern saw production cease in 1963. All spares and production rights were bought by Sidecar racer and talented Engineer Colin Seeley who viewed the withdrawl of British factory racing support, as an opportunity to develop a race machine for privateers. The G50 engine became the power plant for the Seeley racing machine. This was to remain a popular bike of choice for many competitors at National and International level right up until the 2 stroke invasion of the early 1970’s.
The emergence of the classic motorcycle racing scene in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s saw a new lease of life for the G50. Replica Matchless G50’s and Seeley machines continue to be built and successful compete in events to this day.
This highly detailed limited edition scale model of the single cylinder engine from the legendary G50 Matchless racing motorcycle shows the iconic engine in its ultimate 1963 form. It would look good on the desk or shelf of any self-respecting Classic Racing enthusiast. Comprising of over 140 individual finished components and taking many man hours to construct, this work of art represents a real labour of love. Each part has been lovingly finished before being bought together to create a faithful 1:2.5 fantastically detailed replication of the thumping heart of one of the definitive British racing 500cc singles.
Measuring approx. 280mm x 200mm x 200mm (11" x 7.5" x 7.5"). This model is not built up from a commercially available kit but has been constructed completely from scratch. High polymer castings, cast from patterns drawn and created from originally factory parts, have been lovingly hand finished and carefully constructed into this outstanding model. Accurate down to the smallest detail, check out the Lucas competition magneto and carburettor. Model comes complete with mounting boss and wooden plinth
£450.00 + P&P
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