1962 DBD34 BSA Goldstar  500cc.

In 1937, Wal Handley lapped the Brooklands circuit at over 100 mph (160 km/h) on a BSA Empire Star, and was awarded one of the traditional Gold Star pins for the feat. That inspired BSA to produce the BSA Gold Star. The first Gold Star was an M24 model. Over the next 20 years BSA would develop a series of  Goldstar machines  until it reached its ultimate the form, the DBD34. For many it represents the the ultimate British production sporting single cylinder motorcycle. Available in 350cc and 500cc guise it became to be considered the production built café racer for any self-respecting ton up rocker.
Introduced in 1956 the 500 cc DBD34  came with clip-on handlebars, finned alloy engine, chrome plated fuel tank, 36 mm bell-mouth Amal carburettor and swept-back exhaust. The DBD34 had a 110 mph top speed. The Gold Star would go on to dominate that years Isle of Man Clubmans TT. Later models had a very high first gear, enabling 60 mph before changing up to second. Production ceased in 1963.
Measuring approx. 250mm x 200mm x 150mm, (10" x 7.5" x 6") This model is not built up from a commercially available kit but has been constructed completely from scratch. High polymer castings, cast from patterns drawn and created from originally factory parts, have been lovingly hand finished and carefully constructed into this outstanding model. Accurate down to the smallest detail, check out the Lucas mag/dyno and Amal carburettor. Model comes complete with mounting boss and wooden plinth.
£450.00 + P&P
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